Colombo Branch

Colombo Branch Campus

As a plan of making global education accessible ANC Education started its Modern City Campus located in the heart of Colombo in May 2018.
ANC Branch Campus, Colombo conducts internally accepted British Advanced Diploma programs progressing to the University of West London, the UK at a fraction of the cost to study in the UK. Students will be treated with all the facilities that are available in the UK itself.
ANC Education consists of state-of-the-art facilities such as modern lecture rooms, laboratories with the latest technology, a well-equipped library with access to digital libraries, WIFI-enabled floors, and group discussion areas.
We are confident that student’s studies with us will be enjoyable, productive and will support them to step into the next level. Alumni of ANC Branch Campus Colombo consists of some of the brightest and multi-talented undergraduate students who are excelling in the cooperate world.

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