Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. A contract between you and the institution is formed when you accept an offer of a place

2. These terms and conditions set out the basis of your contract with the ANC Education. They summarize key responsibilities on the part of the institution and yourself, in addition to admission requirements and documentation that you must provide.

3. The terms and conditions contained herein are a precursor to the Student Admissions Agreement, which sets out the contractual terms to which both you’re the student, and the institution are bound. These terms and conditions serve to provide you with an understanding of the expectations that the ANC Education can have of you as its student and those you can have of the Institution as your Higher Education Provider.

4. The terms and conditions contained herein along with the specifications in your student admission agreement and your offer letter form the entirety of the agreement between you and the institution relating to your course and overrides any other undertakings or representations.

5. We also take this opportunity to stress that all offers made by ANC Education are at the complete discretion of the institution.

1. Enrollment is the process whereby you formally become a student of the institution. The enrollment process requires you to:

  • Ensure that institution has the correct personal details for you.
  • Provide proof of your identification and qualifications.
  • Agree to abide by institution’s regulations and policies.
  • Pay your tuition fees/confirm who is paying your tuition fee

2. You must enroll with the institution at the beginning of your studies. You must re-enroll at the beginning of each subsequent academic year/semester of your course, in accordance with instructions issued by the institution, in order to continue your course of study and maintain your student rights and privileges.

3. You may re-enroll for subsequent academic years provided that:

  • You have paid the tuition fees.
  • You have not been withdrawn from the University.
  • You have met the relevant progression requirements for the previous years of your course.

4. Students must ensure that all the following documents have been handed over to the institution at the time of enrolment or within one week from the time of handing over the application.

  • One copy of all your academic and professional certificates.
  • Two color passport sized photographs.
  • Copy of NIC/ Passport.
  • Signed affidavit to confirm the authenticity of all academic qualifications.
  • A signed student admission agreement form.

1. You should note that should you wish to withdraw from the institution after enrollment but before your classes have commenced, you will incur a non – refundable fee payment. Further details of this, other non – refundable payments and the amounts other than the non – refundable fee payment to which you may be entitled are contained in the student admission agreement.

2. You must inform the institution of your decision to cancel your enrollment before the commencement of the teaching period in writing

1. The Institution will provide you with the tuition and learning support integral to your course with due diligence in the manner described in the institution’s publications, website and course specification material.

2. The Institution will take reasonable measure to provide you with appropriate access to academic and other resources in support of your studies including:

  • Library and suitable learning resources, including online learning resources
  • IT infrastructure
  • Pastoral support

1. As a member of the institution’s student body, you agree to behave respectfully to all other students.

2. You must familiarise yourself with and adhere to all institutional regulations, policies and codes of practice that are published on its’ website and in its publications and as revised from time to time.

3. You must provide accurate information on application and enrollment (students discovered to have falsified or misrepresented information may be liable to expulsion from the institution).

4. You are expected to take responsibility for your studies including attending all scheduled teaching, examinations and submission of assessments.

5. You must comply with your obligations and duties in keeping with the student admission agreement and procedures as set out in the institution’s publications.

6. You must take reasonable care of yourself and your safety and also the health and safety of other members of the student body and will cooperate with the in fulfilling its obligations regarding health and safety. You will not intentionally or recklessly misuse or interfere with equipment or facilities provided to you by the University.

7. If you do not abide by the regulations and policies outlined above, you may be subject to disciplinary action under the Student Disciplinary Regulations. For cases of academic misconduct including cheating, you will be subject to the Academic Misconduct Regulations.

1. You are bound by the terms of the payment agreement that you enter into with the institution.

2. Without prejudice to 6.1 above, students are bound by the Standard Fee Payment policy and plan contained in the student agreement, if they opt for that payment option.

3. Students are bound by the Early Bird Payment policy and plan contained in the student agreement, if they opt for that payment option.

4. Program fees including university fees should be paid at the beginning of the 1st semester or according to an approved payment plan. The institution’s admissions fee is applicable for the whole program and is payable at enrollment.

5. The following fees are non – refundable under any circumstances, should the student wish to withdraw or cancel their enrollment.

Description & Fee

Tution Fee – LKR 100,000.00

Application Fees* – LKR 2,500.00

University Fees – GBP 1,000

Total – (LKR 100,000 + 2,500.00+Taxes) + GBP 1,000

6. The re – sit, re – take or re – submission fees are as follows

Category & Fee

Assignment Re-submission Fee – Rs. 12,500 + Tax

Exam Re- sit Fee (20 Credits) – Rs. 15,000 + Tax

Exam Re sit Fee (30 Credits) – Rs. 20,000 + Tax

Module Retake Fee (20 Credits) – Rs 62,500 + Tax

Module Retake Fee ( 30 Credits) – Rs 94,000 + Tax

Module Retake Fee ( 30 Credits) – Rs 33,000 + Tax

Dissertation Retake Fee – Rs. 125,000 + Tax

7. Fees for resubmission and re-sit fees are charged by the institution and not the accrediting university.

8. You will be entitled to re-enroll for subsequent academic years/semesters provided that:

  • You have paid the tuition fees
  • You have not been withdrawn from the University
  • The institution reserves the right to revise all the above fees at any time. (Applicable for Payment Policy, Postgraduate School Refund Policy and Postgraduate School withdrawal policy).

9. The institution reserves the right to revise all the above fees at any time. (Applicable for Payment Policy, Postgraduate School Refund Policy and Postgraduate School withdrawal policy).

1. MBA

  • All applicants must have an undergraduate degree with 2.2 equivalent or an equivalent qualification, or
  • An accepted degree equivalent professional qualification such as CIMA/ ACCA/CIM/ PQ HRM/SLIM PG Diploma/ EDEXCEL Graduate Diploma.
  • Special Entry: Candidates with level 5 equivalent qualification and exemplary work record (typically about 10 years) with and minimum of 3 years at senior managerial level also would be considered. Students would have to go through the interview with the PG lead at ANC and also with the APLT.
  • Graduate Entry: Bachelor’s degree with 2.2 equivalent or equivalent qualification with internship/ work experience covered for 3-6 months during the MBA period.


  • MBA- Hospitality Management
    • Graduate Level Entry- Applicants must have and honours degree with 2.2 Equivalent An accepted degree equivalent professional qualification such as CIMA/ ACCA/CIM/ PQ HRM/SLIM PG Diploma/ EDEXCEL Graduate Diploma.
    • Special Entry: Candidates with exemplary work record with and minimum of 3 years at senior managerial level also would be considered.


  • MBA with Exemptions for CIMA

Applicants must have completed the CIMA qualification. Exemptions with regard to MBA modules are contained in the student agreement form.

  • MBA with Exemptions for ACCA

Applicants must have completed the ACCA qualification. Exemptions for ACCA holders are contained in the student agreement.

  • MBA for CIMA/ ACCA/ ABE and CIM

Applicants must have one of the following:

    • CIMA Managerial Level
    • CIM Professional Diploma Level
    • ACCA Fundamental Level
    • ABE Advance Diploma Level


  • MBA with Exemptions for CA

Applicants must have completed the CA qualification. Exemptions for CA holders are contained in the student agreement.

2. LLM

  • Applications need a recognized degree in Law or a professionals who have been admitted to the Bar in a recognized jurisdiction.
  • Holders of the Postgraduate Academic (MBA) or professional qualifications (Charted Accountant/CIMA/ACCA) which consists legal subjects and minimum of two year work experience.

3. MSc Clinical and Health Psychology

  • All applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Sociology, Science or MBBS qualification.

4. BA International Business Management – top up

  • An Ideal candidate with Level 5 or an equivalent qualification Eg : BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma, HND in a related field, SQA Advanced Diploma or any other Level 5 Qualifications Awarded by Recognized institute.
  • Completion of 2 years degree program awarded by an institution recognized by ANC Education.
    • Higher National Diplomas awarded by Institutions recognized by University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka and Or by the Sri Lanka Government Institutions (equivalent to 240 Credits).
    • Mature Students who do not have Level 5 but have a part qualification and acceptable and related work experience will be considered on a case by case basis.

1. In order to ensure that the accrediting University’s courses remain current and relevant, they are subject to regular review. As such, the institution as the partner university may, from time to time, need to amend modules, course content or the way that these are delivered, in order to:

  • ACCA Fundamental Level
  • Comply with changes in the law which apply to the accrediting university.
  • ACCA Fundamental Level
  • Comply with the requirements of the accrediting University’s regulators and accrediting bodies.
  • ACCA Fundamental Level
  • Implement to reflect best practice and academic developments for the benefit of student.
  • ACCA Fundamental Level
  • Adjust content as a result of staff changes or
  • ACCA Fundamental Level
  • Improve course quality in response to student or external examiner’s feedback.

2. Where changes are necessary, the institution will provide students with reasonable notice of the changes, which will include details of why the change was necessary, and what has changed. The institution will take all reasonable steps to minimize disruptions to students.

3. Below is an indicative but not exhaustive list of changes that may be necessary

  • To alter the timetable, location, and number of classes for your course
  • To make reasonable changes to the content and syllabus of your course including in relation to placements, to ensure that the course remains current and relevant
  • Make changes to assessments as a result of student or external examiner feedback.

1. The institution has a complaints procedure, as contained in its website under Partner University Policies and it invites students to avail themselves of this procedure in situations where students have genuine complaints and or grievances.

1. The institution will take all reasonable steps to provide educational services as described on its website or in the prospectus or other documents issued by it to appropriately enrolled students. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control mean that we cannot provide such educational services. This might be because of, for example

  • industrial action by third parties
  • the unanticipated departure or absence of key members of institutional staff
  • significant changes to Higher Education funding
  • the acts of any governmental or local authority
  • where the numbers recruited to a course are so low that it is not possible to deliver an appropriate quality of education for students enrolled on
  • severe weather, natural disaster, epidemic or pandemic, fire, flood, war, civil disorder or unrest, riot, terrorist attack or the threat of it.

2. In these circumstances, the institution will take all reasonable steps to minimise the disturbance to those services and to affected students.

3. The Institution shall not be responsible for:

  • Any loss, theft, misuse or damage to your property, including without limit any motor vehicle, cycle, equipment or such other personal belongings whilst such property is on its’ premises.
  • Any loss that you would not have suffered if you had taken reasonable steps to avoid or reduce the loss.
  • Death or personal injury that is not directly caused by negligence of the institution or its officers, employees or agents and
  • Changes to law that require a change of these terms and conditions either in Sri Lanka or in the location of the accrediting university which affects the institution’s functions.

1. By the Student:

  • The student may withdraw from your course and terminate their admissions agreement at any time. To withdraw from the course the student must give notice, in writing to the institution.
  • The student will normally be required to complete a Student Withdrawal Form and provide a reason for withdrawal. Notice to withdraw will take effect on receipt of the completed Student Withdrawal Form by the registrations office.
  • Any refund which may be due to the student will be in accordance with the terms of the institution’s Tuition Fee Policy.


2. By the Institution:
The institution may withdraw the student’s offer or terminate this Agreement in writing with immediate effect (subject to your rights of internal appeal) if:

  • The student of their sponsor fail to pay the Tuition Fees.
  • The student fails to meet the conditions of the offer made to them
  • The student provided false, incomplete, inaccurate or misleading information in their application to the University or at any other time
  • The student has failed to meet the institution’s disciplinary requirements
  • The student fails to meet the institution’s progression or award requirement
  • The student’s behaviour represents a serious risk to the health, safety or welfare of themselves or others or
  • The student significantly breach these Terms and Conditions.


1. Each of these terms and conditions operate separately and independently to one another. If any provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes illegal, invalid, void or unenforceable, that shall not affect the legality, validity or enforceability of the other provisions.

2. These terms and conditions are specific to the student and cannot be transferred to another party by virtue of privity of contract

3. Only the student and the institution are parties to this Agreement. No other person shall have rights under the Contracts.

4. Failure or delay by the student or the institution to enforce any breach by the other of the terms and conditions will not constitute a waiver of any provision and will not prevent either party from taking steps to enforce that or any other provision.