Northwood Business Degree Completion

Northwood Business Degree Completion Program

Earn your business degree at ANC Education from Northwood University, one of the top outstanding specialized business schools in the USA. Northwood University is currently ranked 4th among top private business schools in the United States of America.

Degree Overview

All undergraduate students take the general education core, through which students gain exposure to a wide range of subjects in the behavioral and social sciences, English, economics, philosophy, and other humanities subjects; and mathematics and the natural sciences. This ensures that every graduate enter the workforce well rounded and able to write as well as they can do numbers and analyze data.

Business Core

  • Principles of Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Business Law
  • Business Elective
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Strategic Planning


The internship (400 hours of employment) is designed to provide the student with supervised on-the-job training. A contract between the University, student, and employer provides the groundwork. Objectives, evaluations, written log, and a study of the organization are designed to provide a realistic learning experience.


  • 4 Years with the option to transfer to US for the final year

Why Northwood Degree?

(BBA) Business Degree Completion - Northwood University, USA

  • Over 1000 successful Graduates working in Top Companies in Sri Lanka
  • The only opportunity for local students to complete an American degree in Business in Sri Lanka
  • Focus on case studies to put students face-to-face with real-life business situations
  • Curriculums linked to real-world business challenges
  • Partnership agreements with reputed organizations for paid student internships
  • Well-qualified faculty with industry expertise
  • Technology topics incorporated in the curriculums
  • Global Cross Exposure Program
  • Opportunity to earn a dual major
  • Audits undertaken by the NU to ensure that all programs meet the same quality standards as studying in the USA
  • Credentials and transcripts students receive represent equal value to those issued in the USA
  • The prestige of joining the Northwood alumni community
  • Northwood University is one of the best universities in USA with high acceptance rate.

The International Business Degree focuses on the emerging global business environment. Courses include trade, finance, law, marketing, management, culture, strategy and comparative economic systems. Crossing borders increases the complexity of business and with increasing globalization; businesses require individuals who can work in and for international organizations.

The International Business curriculum draws on a range of disciplines including accounting, politics, law, management, communication and finance courses build the framework for analyzing and understanding the firm and the individual’s position in the international marketplace, while management seminars prepare students for the tasks of planning, directing and staffing in the international realm.


The structure of the BBA International Business degree is as follows:

  • Introduction to International Business
  • Special Topics
  • International Trade
  • Comparative Economic Systems
  • International Finance
  • International Law
  • International Management
  • International Marketing
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Business Law

Study Options

  • Degree completion in Sri Lanka
  • Two years in Sri Lanka & two years overseas
  • Three years in Sri Lanka & final year at Northwood University, USA


Entry Requirements

Minimum 5 “C” passes (including English) and “S” or “D” pass for Mathematics in O/Level (London / Local) within 2 sittings.

The bachelor’s degree in Management focuses on the broad functional disciplines of management and prepares graduates with a diverse background in general management and industry who have developed strong ethics and outcomes.

Northwood University’s Management curriculum is one of the most relevant of its kind. Created by our faculty, with advice from the professional business community, the program prepares students to thrive in a global economy.

Our unique approach to education teaches students about the free enterprise system and the importance of personal responsibility in a free market economy. Management is our largest curriculum and combines business courses with traditional academic courses.


The structure of the BBA Management degree is as follows:

  • Principles of Management
  • Sustainable Enterprise Strategies
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management Communications
  • Operations Management
  • Practice of Management & Leadership
  • Special Topics
  • International Management Organizational Behavior
  • Management of Information Technologies
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Seminar

Study Options

  • Degree completion in Sri Lanka.
  • Two years in Sri Lanka & two years overseas
  • Three years in Sri Lanka & final year at Northwood University, USA


Entry Requirements

Minimum 5 “C” passes (including English) and “S” or “D” pass for Mathematics in O/Level (London / Local) within 2 sittings

Produce highly talented Hospitality / Tourism graduates with exceptional communication skills, critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills, managerial talents & a winning attitude to meet and exceed the industry demands. 


  • Food safety and sanitation
  • Facilities engineering
  • Hospitality costing, pricing, & financial management
  • Human resources application
  • International tourism
  • Special events and meeting planning
  • Resort & club management
  • Current issues in the hospitality industry
  • Hospitality operation management



  • Principles of management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Practice of management & leadership
  • Revenue and yield management
  • Principles of marketing
  • Strategic planning
  • International trade



An introductory practical module which allows students to experience real Hospitality and Tourism industry and their requirements for the first time.

  • Students get an opportunity to test their own aptitude
  • Apply theory into practice
  • A contract between the college, student, and employer provides the beginning groundwork.
  • Designed to provide the student with Supervised on-the-job training, Exposure to organizational management, Internal workings, & services.



  • Principles of microeconomics
  • Principles of macroeconomics
  • Economics of public policies
  • Comparative economic systems

Northwood University BBA Management Information Systems (MIS) degree is an ideal preparation for those who want to be in future management and leadership positions of IT/ICT/IS industries.

Management Information Systems

  • Introduction to MIS
  • Computer application development
  • Introduction to programming languages
  • Information technology infrastructure
  • Advanced office applications
  • Collaboration and web programming
  • Business application programming I
  • Business application programming II
  • Graphics and web design
  • Database design & implementation
  • ERP Business applications-SAP
  • Project management
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Special topics information systems
  • Advanced information systems project


Management and General Education

  • International trade
  • Organizational behavior
  • Principles management
  • Principals of marketing
  • Human Resources management
  • Strategic planning
  • Business law
  • Statistics
  • International management
  • Speech communication
  • Communication & interpersonal relationships
  • Ethics

Study Options

  • Degree completion in Sri Lanka.
  • Two years in Sri Lanka & two years overseas
  • Three years in Sri Lanka & final year at Northwood University, USA

Entry Requirements

Minimum 5 “C” passes (including English) and “S” or “D” pass for Mathematics in O/Level (London / Local) within 2 sittings

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Cybersecurity Management at Northwood University provides students with an opportunity to gain the knowledge, ability, and skills needed to enter the fast paced and growing field of cybersecurity. Due to increased risk and threats of cyber-attacks, organizations are taking it upon themselves to identify these attacks and the risks they face. This rigorous program will provide the knowledge and skills necessary for graduates to meet industry demands.

Cybersecurity Management Major

  • Physical and Operational
  • Security
  • Project Management
  • Systems Analysis & Design
  • Information Security
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Cybersecurity Capstone
  • Introduction to Management
  • Information Systems
  • Information Technology Infrastructure
  • Business Application Programming
  • Information Security Principles
  • Network Security (Red Team /
  • Blue Team)


Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of networking and network security
  • Evaluate best practices for protecting an organization’s critical information and assets.
  • Demonstrate foundational knowledge of risk management strategies.
  • Evaluate technology used to support cybersecurity goals & objectives
  • Perform forensic analysis of cybersecurity incidents & assist in recovery of operations
  • Develop organizational cybersecurity strategies and policies
  • Develop robust incident response, disaster recovery,& business continuity plans

Study Options

  • Degree completion in Sri Lanka.
  • Two years in Sri Lanka & two years overseas
  •  Three years in Sri Lanka & final year at Northwood University, USA

Entry Requirements

Minimum 5 “C” passes (including English) and “S” or “D” pass for Mathematics in O/Level (London / Local) within 2 sittings

The Digital Marketing minor will to prepare graduates for understanding the business – marketing needs in a digital landscape. With an emphasis on analytics, Internet – based tools and technologies, and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, graduates with a minor in digital marketing will have the knowledge and skills needed to:

Program Outcomes

  • Ecommerce
  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Concepts
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Business Intelligence, Analytics & Data Science
  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Describe comprehensive digital marketing strategies to meet the needs of overall marketing objectives & drive business results.
  • Analyze digital marketing channels to identify which are appropriate to support marketing strategies.
  • Measure and analyze digital marketing initiatives using web & data analytics.
  • Create digital products using a variety of software and tools.
  • Formulate digital marketing strategy recommendations derived from insights gained through data analysis.
  • Define key digital marketing terminologies.
  • Utilize a variety of analytics, data mining, research, and digital marketing tools and technologies in digital marketing decision-making.
  • Apply policies & procedures to the use of networks, including intranet & Internet applications, to facilitate the exchange of electronic records.

The Business Analytics minor will meet the growing need for managers who need to make decisions based upon the methods of data analytics. This includes Data Mining and the ability to collect, analyze, and interpret what is commonly referred to as Big Data. The resulting skill set will include the ability to predict consumer behavior using predictive analytics. Emphasis will be on application and interpretation of statistical techniques and business analytics approaches. Students in any of our disciplines would benefit from this curriculum at Northwood University.

Data Analytics Courses Offered

  • Foundations of Data Analytics I
  • Foundations of Data Analytics II
  • Visual Analytics for Business Intelligence
  • Programming for Data Analysis
  • Data Science for Informed Decision Making
  • Advanced Database Management & Visualizations for Analytics
  • Data Mining for Business Analytics
  • Forecasting and Simulation Techniques for Business Enterprise
  • Machine Learning Techniques for Applied Predictive Modeling
  • Capstone Project


Data Analytics Course Descriptions

  • Statistics II
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Database Design and Implementation
  • Data Mining and Modeling for Business Decisions
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Category Management
  • Project Management
  • Statistics for Quality Engineering
  • Statistics for Continuous Improvement
  • Lean Six Sigma

A double major program, involves a student’s working for two different university degrees simultaneously. Studying a dual program can expand your career options and also means you complete two degrees in a much shorter time than if you completed two degrees one after the other.

  • BBA International Business
  • BBA Management
  • BBA Hospitality Management
  • BBA Management Information Systems

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