The Campus is currently housed in 2 modern multi-store buildings consisting of 30 spacious air-conditioned and comfortable lecture rooms, two computer laboratories, a library and a Resource Centre containing all the amenities required for teaching and learning including access to partner universities, online library facilities and E-learning facilities. The entire campus has Wi-Fi enabled hot zone access to the College network and the internet, and constructions are to international university standards. Students also have an enclosed car park for easy access to the building.


Students learn from qualified, experienced professors in beautiful, spacious classrooms, not large impersonal lecture halls more suited to movie theatres. ANC Education ensures students a proper education environment and the opportunity to learn – the maximum class size is 30. The ANC facility houses 30 lecture rooms and 2 special purpose study rooms, all of which have been constructed to US university standards. They are equipped with computers, audio-visual equipment, such as overhead projectors and multi-media presentation equipment, comfortable seating and are fully air-conditioned.


The laboratory accommodates 32 students at individual work stations and is comparable to any prestigious international university. Nearly all equipment and supplies are imported and the lab has been constructed to international standards. The facility is certainly one of the finest in Sri Lanka.


Facilities are available for students’ practical training and include welding, sheet metal work, solid metal work, etc. Further, cut-away models of engines, gear boxes, etc are used for demonstration and training purposes. Students are encouraged to observe organized demonstration activities in the laboratory.


The Library and Resource Center is not just a single room or facility, but a bold, innovative concept that brings together multiple resources on a global scale for ANC Education’s students. This resource will continue to evolve, with the ultimate objective of bringing the best that the world has to offer, for students at ANC Education. At the core of this resource facility is a physical library of approximately 5,000 volumes, consisting of both traditional hard-copy books and periodicals and virtual volumes (electronic books) on CD. The Library and Resource Centre are equipped with all the amenities required for teaching and learning, including access to partner universities and online library facilities including E-Learning.

Students with PDA’s or notebook computers will soon be able to download selected material directly to their own devices.


State of the art computer equipment is available in 2 specialized computer labs with a total of 100 computers. Students also have controlled access to printing, scanning, internet, and other related facilities.


Situated on the 5th floor, this area is for students to relax, socialise and take a breather from their busy academic schedules. It has a variety of entertainment facilities, including televisions (with cable service) and a pool table and cafeteria.