Safety FIRST at ANC: 98% Vaccinations of all Staff ensure a Safe Learning Environment for Students

Safety FIRST at ANC: 98% Vaccinations of all Staff ensure a Safe Learning Environment for Students

Safety FIRST at ANC: 98% Vaccinations of all Staff ensure a Safe Learning Environment for Students

The global spread of COVID-19 has meant that universities have had to take extra measures to keep students, staff and faculty safe. 

ANC Education is a prime example of providing a safe and secure learning environment from the get-go of the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides being one of the very first education institutes to swiftly adopt to Online Teaching Platform, offering a mixture of online and in-person lectures to moving 100% online during the lockdown period, ANC has already done 98% vaccinations for all its staff and faculty to maintain a safe working and learning environment. 

If you are a parent wondering about your Child’s safety at ANC or you are a student that is considering doing your higher studies in a safe environment, then you are looking at an institute that prioritizes your safety at all times.  

ANC follows strict health and safety standards given by the government authorities across all their branches in Colombo, Kandy and head office. Here’s how ANC keeps students safe:

Coronavirus measures on campus: 

  • ANC offers a fully digital learning experience for students and seamlessly delivers all their higher education programs Online via the Black Board Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Microsoft Teams.
  • ANC offers Online student counselling across all programs to limit travelling to the premises and parents can get all the program details via online video call.
  • ANC has integrated online payment options and online registrations so that you can do everything from the comfort of your home
  • Virtually or in-person make an appointment with ANC today and you will be greeted with all safety measures in place
  • Wearing Facemasks are mandatory on campus, in all college buildings and study spaces. There are readily available facemasks on campus if you forget your facemask
  • Hand washing is compulsory when Entering the campus and exiting the premises at all times 
  • Hand sanitizers are supplied in the entrance of all the buildings and on each of the floors. 
  • Regular fumigations of all the buildings are done regularly and all office appliances are sanitized on a daily basis
  • There are enhanced cleaning regimes and signage and markings in buildings to ensure social distancing
  • Perspex screens and barriers in place at the reception area, student counselor’s office, Finance Division, Academic office & other places for the safety and protection of students and staff. 
  • Covid-19 testing has been facilitated at ANC premises as and when required to ensure the safety of all their staff and students 
  • Database of vaccinations are being monitored across all staff members to ensure every member has been 100% vaccinated 


ANC Education is carrying out its operations as usual and ensuring that students experience a rewarding learning experience while staying safe. 

The upcoming enrolment intake is in September 2021 and students can get all the information about our Transfer programs to U.S, Canada, UK and Australia for the upcoming intake. Call 076-998-9635