Computer Science Graduates who are Business Savvy are hard to find, but not if they are from Northwood University, U.S.

Computer Science Graduates who are Business Savvy are hard to find, but not if they are from Northwood University, U.S.

Computer Science Graduates who are Business Savvy are hard to find, but not if they are from Northwood University, U.S.

Employers say that the NO.1 thing that Computer Science graduates lack is the understanding of business and the ability to communicate within business. Companies consistently express that their IT employees need communication skills and business understanding to manage their departments. What makes Northwood University’s Computer Science degree different than other schools is their focus on Business. 

Why does Northwood have an edge over Other Computer Science Programs

Studying Computer Science from Northwood University will provide you with a unique blend of technical knowledge, business understanding and problem-solving ability – a skill set that is increasingly in-demand in modern business.


 “Bachelor of Computer Science from Northwood will build your technical skills, but you will also develop the needed business and soft skills that make you more desirable upon graduation”.


The BS in Computer Science offered at ANC in partnership with Northwood University will equip you to become competitive and have an edge with its unique blended curriculum that inculcates a highly hands-on approach to education, with projects and case studies to apply your knowledge and develop your skills in a way that promotes real-world application and lifelong learning.


The Growing Need for Computer Science Jobs 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Computer and Information Technology occupations will add 500,000+ new jobs by 2029, a much faster-than-average rate of growth. They also report that the median wage for computer programmers in 2019 was $86,550 and the median wage for software developers was $107,510, significantly higher than the median $39,810 across all occupations.


The Sri Lankan IT sector, being the fourth largest export earner in the country, has made an unmatched and ground-breaking presence across the globe in sectors such as communication, banking and financial services, media, retailing, and many more. Top IT Service companies in Sri Lanka like Virtusa, WSO2, CodeGen, 99X and many others have clients across the globe including in USA, UK, Australia, Europe, Middle East and so on and headquarters in these regions. 


In this critical juncture of a growing need for Computer Science professionals, the introduction of the BS in Computer Science degree from Northwood University Michigan U.S delivered through ANC Education offers multiple career pathways that will open the doors to thousands of possibilities in the digital space, technology and ICT sector and make you a competitor in the global market. 


Skillset and career paths with a BS in Computer Science 

The Skills you will gain from studying the Northwood Computer Science program include Design, implement and evaluate computer-based solutions, Analyze complex computational problems, Communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts, Develop informed responses to computational problems based on legal and ethical principles, Perform effectively as a leader or member on technical teams engaged in projects within the computer science discipline and programming languages including: Java, MySQL, C/C#/C++, Python, Object-Oriented Programming, Networking and Agile Development

Equipped with a Computer Science Degree there is a wide range of career pathways you can pursue such as  Data scientist, Web developer, Systems analyst, Business analyst, Product manager, Network architect, Software engineer, Software developer, Full-stack developer, Engineering manager, User interface designer, Database administrator, Cloud computing engineer, Software quality assurance manager, Information technology specialist, Mobile application designer or developer, Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer and many more. 

You can be a part of this highly skilled and dedicated intellectual community in the Sri Lankan IT industry, where the Sri Lankan ICT sector serves a number of Industry verticals with over 300 companies at present.


Join the first and only BS in Computer Science degree program in September 2021 at ANC with your O/Levels or A/Levels or with pending results and be eligible for Scholarships up to LKR 500,000/-, exemptions up to 1 year with your A/Levels and other financial cost benefits for early registrations.

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