This is why ANC Online Learning Offers the Best Learning Outcome for Students

This is why ANC Online Learning Offers the Best Learning Outcome for Students

This is why ANC Online Learning Offers the Best Learning Outcome for Students

Online learning was just a buzz word prior to Covid-19, but no sooner the pandemic hit Sri Lanka ANC was one of the first education institutes to adapt to Online teaching platform, 

Currently ANC offers a fully digital learning experience for students and seamlessly delivers all their educational programs Online via the Black Board Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Microsoft Teams. This includes Undergraduate and Postgraduate academic programs in the following areas:

    • US & Canadian University Transfer Programs
    • US Degree Completion programs in Sri Lanka
    • Australian Foundation & Diploma Programs
    • UK Foundation Transfer Programs 
    • Advanced Diploma Programs by Scottish Qualification authority
    • Top-up degree programs by University of West London (UWL)
  • UWL MBA programs for Business, Psychology and Commercial & International Law 


An Immersive-Interactive learning experience at ANC 

If you think online learning will be difficult, boring or that you will miss out on important lectures during online classes at ANC, you will be surprised! 

Mr. Manjeera Karunarathne Assistant Academic Head for Northwood Programs says “We had over 80% participation of students in our Online Classrooms during the first wave of Covid-19 in the lockdown in 2020. The response we received from ANC Students in all our degree programs conducted online was very positive, as students became acquainted to the ‘Online Classroom’ setup rather quickly”. 

“Now after a year of online learning, students have begun to realize its benefits as well. Students find it convenient and easy to engage and ask questions during lecture sessions, they are also able to get recordings of the lectures if they missed anything and they can view and listen to the lecturer’s illustrate examples using a variety of multi-media such as videos, pictures, lecture slides, white board, Blackboard via State-of-the -Art Learning Management System (LMS)”.

Finally it all boils down to the exceptional lecturers and students that we have at ANC! 

Yes our lecturers are trained and well versed in online teaching and delivery which will ensure students feel comfortable, learn with ease and interact and engage throughout lectures making it an interesting educational experience.  

As for our students they come from different educational backgrounds, and from a mix of local, international and foreign schools yet they are extremely friendly and supportive towards each other because being part of the ANC family inculcates positive values and they blend in well with the diverse student body with ease.   

Our expert lecture panel has extensive industry and academic experience and engages with students using interesting examples, anecdotes, and multi-media presentations which allow students to learn in an interactive environment; students are part of the discussions and chat among their colleagues, it will feel like you are in a classroom setup no different from the physical classroom.  


A Seamless Hybrid Model for Best Learning Outcome

Currently ANC offers a mixture of Online and in-Person lectures, and when uncertainty is on the rise due to the pandemic our lectures are 100% virtual via the online platforms. 

At ANC you are guaranteed that whatever the education mode students are on track with their education goals. Examinations, tests, quizzes, students activities are all scheduled and are being carried out smoothly without any interruptions. Help and assistance is given throughout the semesters for anyone that needs that extra support. This is how ANC ensures that Students do not delay their graduation and stay on point with their education goals. 

If you are considering higher education after A/Levels or pending results ANC enrollments are now open for Fall 2021 intake. Call 076-998-9635