The Pathway to Your Degree in Medicine is in Fact Sooner Than Later, Now with ANC Medical Placements.

The Pathway to Your Degree in Medicine is in Fact Sooner Than Later, Now with ANC Medical Placements.

The Pathway to Your Degree in Medicine is in Fact Sooner Than Later, Now with ANC Medical Placements.

Realizing your dreams to study medicine can be particularly difficult in the status quo, with an acceptable level of uncertainty surrounding all “study abroad” aspirations in specific. Combined with what is essentially a longer wait post AL results to be eligible to apply, the process alone can take years to measure. In a manner that combats that very issue, the Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU) in Armenia has extended its application deadline to the 17th of October this year, enabling students to get their doctoral dreams on track without a significant pause. 

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Flying to YSMU this October

ANC students will be flying to YSMU this October, a world-recognized university in Armenia to pursue their dreams of becoming Doctors of Medicine.  These students and their parents have chosen a university that offers a high-quality education at affordable rates, with their provided qualifications being accepted by the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) 

Guaranteed pathways to study medicine

ANC Medical Placement is the foremost leader within the Lankan educational space in placing students at top-ranked Medical Universities around the world. Hundreds of aspiring local students have been placed at world-recognized universities in Russia, Georgia, Belarus, Malaysia, Australia and Armenia to study medicine through the program. ANC boasts a solid reputation in the industry for offering exceptional service standards, and a seamless university application process. Students can look forward to guaranteed pathways to study medicine at many prestigious universities.

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Affordable and Quality Education

Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU), which has been an educational mainstay located in Armenia for over 100 years, is located in a European Union member country and is one of the best countries when it comes to affordable and quality education. The capital of the Republic of Armenia is Yerevan and this is where almost all major universities and higher learning institutions are located.  YSMU is the first medical university of the Soviet Union, being established in 1920. It’s the largest and most prestigious medical university in Armenia and has seen increasing popularity among international students. 

Visiting ANC Education on the 27th of September, Dr. Khachatur Margaryan, Vice Dean for International Students at YSMU, shared his thoughts on the partnership between Yerevan State Medical University and ANC Education.

 “The goal of the Armenian government is to increase the number of international students coming to Armenia drastically. To achieve this goal, we at YSMU are developing all our infrastructure including new hostels, labs, hospital facilities, etc. We are proud to mention that YMSU is one of the only 20 medical schools in the world that has Artificial Intelligence in the clinical decision-supporting system that is open to students. They get to do real-time diagnoses using AI and they can check the accuracy of the diagnosis. I would like to mention that the Sri Lankan student that is at Yerevan State Medical School are doing extremely well in their classes. Lecturers are really impressed with how hardworking they are and they also organized a New Year Celebration in April which brought all of us so much joy.”

We look forward to Dr. Margaryan’s visit once again in November this year, where he seeks to address the succeeding intake of YSMU students from Sri Lanka.

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As for what makes a degree in medicine at YSMU as sought after as it has come to be:

  • The low tuition fee in the Yerevan State Medical University is the primary reason that attracts thousands of students from around the world, with the university also providing scholarships for all Sri Lankan Students. 
  • Enlisted in the Directory of Higher Medical Institutions adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO). 
  • Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) recognized state medical university
  • The adoption of the English language as the medium of instruction is a factor in student preference for Medicine in Armenia
  • Armenia is known for having the lowest crime rate and subsequently being the safest country in Europe for worry-free education
  • Extensive clinical training at state hospitals
  • 6 years Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Best University to Study MD in Armenia

YSMU boasts over 31,000 graduates to date and 11 teaching hospitals. It houses about 8,000 students in 6 faculties and is considered to be the best university to study MD in Armenia (the direct equivalent to the MBBS program in Sri Lanka). Teaching and Research activities are organized in more than 100 chairs, leading clinical bases and research centers in Yerevan. The University has about 1,100 lecturers out of whom 171 are well-qualified Doctors of Science, 504 are candidates of Sciences and 7 Academicians are of the RANAS who perform scientific and pedagogical works at the university. 

For more information regarding direct medical placement queries, call 077-348-8834