Northwood Computer Science Degree Completion

Northwood Computer Science Degree Completion Program

Earn your Computer Science Degree at ANC Education from Northwood University, one of the top outstanding schools in the USA. Northwood University is currently ranked 4th among top private business schools in the United States of America.

Degree Overview

Studying Computer Science with Northwood will provide you with a unique blend of technical knowledge, business understanding and problem-solving ability – a skill set that is increasingly in-demand in modern business.
Students will learn these skills in a way that promotes real-world application and lifelong learning – preparing you to enter a field that evolves every day.


  • Intro to CS
  • Computer Architecture
  • Programming I
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Computer Organization and Assembly Language
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • Operating Systems
  • Senior Project in Computer Science

Career Options

With a Bs. in Computer Science, you will be eligible to apply for some of the most sought out career opportunities as below, Data scientist (synergizes with a minor in Data Analytics!), Software tester, Web developer, Systems analyst, Business analyst, Product manager, Network architect, Software engineer, Software developer, Full-stack developer, Engineering manager, User interface designer, Database administrator, Cloud computing engineer, Software quality assurance manager, Information technology specialist, Mobile application designer or developer, Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer.


  • 4 Years with the option to transfer to US for the final year

Why Northwood Degree?

  • Over 1000 successful Graduates working in Top Companies in Sri Lanka
  • The only opportunity for local students to complete an American degree in Computer Science in Sri Lanka
  • Focus on case studies to put students face-to-face with real-life business situations
  • Curriculums linked to real-world business challenges
  • Partnership agreements with reputed organizations for paid student internships
  • Well-qualified faculty with industry expertise
  • Technology topics incorporated in the curriculums
  • Global Cross Exposure Program
  • Opportunity to earn a dual major
  • Audits undertaken by the NU to ensure that all programs meet the same quality standards as studying in the USA
  • Credentials and transcripts students receive represent equal value to those issued in the USA
  • The prestige of joining the Northwood alumni community


    Student Testimonials

    Kaashif Zia
    Northwood Major in International Business & Marketing
    Valedictorian, Class of 2018
    Vidura College
    Northwood Business Degree Completion