Getting into a Top Medical University to Study Medicine in Russia is easier than you think.

Getting into a Top Medical University to Study Medicine in Russia is easier than you think.

Getting into a Top Medical University to Study Medicine in Russia is easier than you think.

Every year, thousands of Sri Lankan high school graduates face the task of choosing not only study fields of interest but also destinations to pursue their academic dreams. In recent years, Russia has emerged as one of the most popular destinations chosen by students in pursuit of high-quality education. Tasked with the motive to learn everything possible about education in Russia, we decided to have a face-to face conversation with Mrs. Inga Jeng, the CEO and one of the founding members of Education First LLC, an authorized agent representing Russian universities in Sri Lanka.


In a nutshell, why should students choose to study in Russia as opposed to other countries?

The standard of education in Russia is very highly regarded and is deservedly compared to standards in the western world. The educational sector is of paramount importance to the Russian government and it’s regular development and upgrading is top priority. 


It’s no surprise that the results speak for themselves; with thousands of graduates from Russian universities that have gone on to participate, in very significant ways, in the developments of various sectors of the economies of their respective countries. 


The prices in Russia are just a fraction of the fees payable in western countries. In other words, you are promised high quality education at very affordable prices.  


What are the mediums of instruction in Russian universities? Can students choose to study in other languages, like English?


Due to the large number of international students in Russia, it has become commonplace for most universities to offer the most popular courses in multiple languages. For instance, General medicine is offered in Russian, English or French.


Do Russian Universities recognize the Medical University Foundation year offered at ANC?


Yes we recognize the Medical University Foundation year offered at ANC because it is a preparatory program under the International Advanced Level Inbuilt curriculum and it enables students who wish to study Medicine but are unlikely to meet the entry requirement of 2C/1D to fast track their way to enter into a leading medical university in Russia or around the world. 


ANC offers 100% assured results of 2C/1D for Edexcel Advanced Level inbuilt curriculum in Biology, Chemistry & Physics. Achieving these results means  Guaranteed entry to Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) Recognized Medical Universities in Russia and many other countries around the world. 


According to your records, how well do Sri Lankan students do academically, in the universities you work with?


I would say with pride that Sri Lankan students are among of our favorite students. They are generally very hardworking and dedicated to their studies. Their high success rates never come as a surprise to anyone.


What universities are most popular amongst Sri Lankan students?


The three most popular universities amongst students, who want to study medicine are:


Sechenov University is the oldest (founded in 1758), biggest and most prestigious medical institution of higher education in Russia. Every year, more and more Sri Lankan students come to study General Medicine in this university. Not only is the University reputed as the most advanced medical school in Russia that is highly positioned in most prestigious global university rankings, but it is also famous for the biggest number of medical students worldwide.


Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University is one of the oldest and leading universities in Russia. In 2016, the university celebrated its 110th anniversary. Pirogov University is well known as an institution that demands high academic requirements from students, which naturally leads to the production of superlative quality specialists.  Our Sri Lankan students are very proud to receive medical education at Pirogov University.


RUDN University is the international University in Russia. In there, students can study not only General medicine, but also engineering, IT, law, economics, tourism and much more. The University is also known for establishing the best Russian language programs for foreign students in Russia. In year 2018, the UI Green Metric World University Ranking placed RUDN University  #1 on the list of the “greenest universities” in Russia. The University can proudly say that it is the educational institution of choice of thousands of students from more than 150 countries worldwide. Graduates of RUDN University are regarded as highly qualified specialists of their respective fields and constitute a significant percentage of academic elites of many countries.


What tips would you give to students and their parents to help them to make the right choice when it comes to future education?

As purpose of education is to have, in future a job that you will love, always think what kind of field never seems to bore you. As the job you choose will take most of your life so you should enjoy it. Many Universities can provide programs that students are looking for. However, not every University diploma can be recognized in your home country.  You need to make sure, you choose a University recognized by the required Government institutions and organizations, such as The Medical Council, Ministry of Education and so on. 

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