Data Analytics is a sought after career path for the future and a must have qualification

Data Analytics is a sought after career path for the future and a must have qualification

Data Analytics is a sought after career path for the future and a must have qualification

Why is Data Analytics in demand?


Fueled by Big Data and AI, data analytics skills are in high-demand in the global market.  Virtually every industry from retail to manufacturing is collecting data on their customers, competitors, market trends and this is causing a surge on demand for data analytics professionals who have the expertise to best interpret all the data and help companies make better decisions to improve company’s profitability. 

Data Analytics is forecasted to become one of the most in-demand fields in 2022 and beyond. According to the World Economic Forum its identified that 85% of companies will have adopted Big Data and Analytics Technologies by year 2022.  

Currently the demand for knowledgeable data analytics professionals is high and outweighs the supply, which means there is a shortage in the current global job market and companies are willing to pay a premium for knowledgeable Data Analytics professionals. 

Why Choose a Career in Data Analytics?


There has never been a better time to learn data analytics and enter the workforce because the job landscape is promising and career opportunities span multiple industries. 


Here’s why Data Analytics career might be appealing: 

  • Very high average salaries
  • Fast-growing industry with skilled workers in demand
  • Lots of room for career advancement
  • Satisfying and challenging day-to-day work that’s focused on problem-solving
  • Good mix of technical work and interpersonal communication work & more 


Many organizations are hiring for positions worldwide that require knowledge of Data Analytics. Organizations offer high average salaries as follows; Business Intelligence Analyst USD$95,383 per year, Data Analyst USD$75,200 per year, Data Engineer USD$90,900 per year, Data Scientist USD$91,300 per year, Data Analytics consultant $78, 200 per year, Marketing Analyst $66,500 per year, Project Manager $73,200 & more. 


According to IBM, the number of jobs for Data professionals in the U.S will increase to 2.7 million in 2020 and there is a 56% rise in data science jobs than the year before, according to LinkedIn


ANC offers the first and only U.S degree in Data Analytics

Sri Lankan students now have the opportunity to access this highly in-demand skillset and cutting edge knowledge by completing the Northwood University Bachelor’s degree in Data Analytics offered at ANC Education. This qualification will provide students with the highly demanding skills, know-how and the ability to communicate business intelligence and insights across industries enabling them to excel in the job market. Companies’ data are getting bigger every year and hiring employees with skills in data analytics is becoming essential for organizations across many industries. 


ANC Data Analytics study programs offer the below:


  • Study all 4 years of your Data Analytics degree at ANC and graduate with U.S Transcripts from Northwood University
  • 3+1 option allows you to transfer in your final year to U.S & be eligible for OPT U.S Work experience up to 3 years. 
  • Guaranteed Paid Student Internship Programs (GPSI) as part of the curriculum will offer student internships at top U.S partnered organizations in Sri Lanka 
  • ANC has a track record of students being employed within 3 months of graduation 
  • Financial Cost benefit of up to LKR 19million when you complete your Northwood degree at ANC

Join the first and only Data Analytics degree program in September 2021 at ANC and be eligible for Scholarships up to LKR 500,000/-, exemptions up to 1 year with your A/Levels and other financial cost benefits for early registrations.  



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