Covid-19 has not slowed anything down in the education sector and that’s not all!

Covid-19 has not slowed anything down in the education sector and that’s not all!

Covid-19 has not slowed anything down in the education sector and that’s not all!

US Degree program now will save you thousands of dollars

Locking in your degree program now will save you thousands of U.S / Canadian dollars in the future and millions of Sri Lankan rupees.  It is more important than ever to start your higher education right now. With the US dollar on the rise and the Rupee depreciating you can only imagine the cost of living expenses. Therefore grab the big cost savings offered today at ANC, students can save time and money when they start their degree in the fall of 2022.

If you are considering the U.S or Canadian degree after your O/L or A/Ls the best choice is to choose a pathway that will meet your needs and require you to spend less money.  There are several pathways offered at ANC Education that can save you millions of Sri Lankan Rupees for the same quality of education offered in the U.S or Canada.


Why is ANC the Best choice?

The good news is ANC is known for its quality education and being the No.1 American and Canadian Education provider in the country; that means you can easily transfer your academic credits to study at a top university in U.S or Canada.


Partner universities in the U.S

With almost two decades of experience in the education industry, ANC’s partner universities in U.S and Canada offer pathways for every student to pursue their American or Canadian dream and obtain a Bachelor’s degree with endless opportunities!


SAVE up to LKR 9.5 million

  • US & Canadian University transfer program: students can complete up to two years of their U.S or Canadian degree in Sri Lanka at ANC.  This offers a cost savings of up to LKR 9.5 million:


Cost Saving up to LKR 13 million

You can transfer to any U.S or Canadian university for the final two years and be eligible for OPT or post-study work after graduation.


  • ANC-Northwood University and ANC-Northern Arizona University partnerships offer the  3+1 U.S transfer program that provides  a cost saving of up to LKR 13 million:

Students have the opportunity to complete up to 3 years in Sri Lanka at ANC and transfer to the U.S for the final year of their Business degree or Psychology degree program at Northwood University (NU) or Northern Arizona University (NAU) of the U.S.A respectively.


100% Guaranteed Credit Transfers

3+1 transfer option to NU or NAU provides students with 100% guaranteed credit transfers and OPT work opportunities upon graduation.


  • Brock Freshman year at ANC: Now you can study at the Top 30 Brock University in Canada through ANC. Students have the opportunity to study and earn Brock Transcripts at ANC and transfer with 100% credit transfers while saving up to Rs.2 million every semester during your Brock freshman year at ANC.


Brock University is based in Toronto, Canada and offers Science, IT, Business and Humanities Degree pathways with over 100 majors to choose from.


Living and Accommodation Costs

The U.S or Canadian Transfer Students will have only two years or less remaining to complete in U.S or Canada and that offers significant cost savings as they can go for almost 2 years of living and accommodation costs.


Part-time Work – Unlimited Number of Hours

Part-time work opportunities are available on-campus for up to 20 hours in the U.S, and in Canada, students can work part-time on & off campus for an unlimited number of hours which can offer a significant amount of financial relief as well.  Post-graduation students are eligible for OPT- optional practical training in the U.S and up to 3 years of work experience in Canada plus the opportunity to apply for PR in Canada.


Cost Saving of up to LKR 25 million

  • U.S Degree Completion Program: You can complete the full U.S Degree in Sri Lanka and receive a cost saving of up to LKR 25 million for the same quality degree you will get in U.S. ANC is the only institute that offers a 100% U.S degree completion program in the country.


Benefits of the U.S Degree Completion program include:

  • Guaranteed Paid Student Internships (GPSI) at top corporate as part of the curriculum
  • Supervised internships for Psychology majors
  • ANC has a track record of students being Employed within 3 months of graduation


Eligible for Scholarships

Join our Fall 2021 intake coming up and be eligible for scholarships up to LKR 500,000, registration fee waivers for early bird lock-in of your degree program and expert guidance and consultations on your career pathways after graduation.