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Guaranteed Paid Student Internship (GPSI) Program

80% of ANC students complete an internship prior to their graduation as ANC connects students with challenging career opportunities through our partnership with 30+ high-profile organizations in Sri Lanka. Academic credit is awarded for these experiences. Strong academics combined with these internships has also led to nearly 100% of our graduates gaining rewarding job opportunities right after graduation unless they opt for the grad school or join a family business.

GPSI Advantages

The prime objective of the GPSI program is to ensure that our students gain hands-on experience and exposure to real-world problems and issues that perhaps are not found in textbooks. In addition, there are several other benefits enjoyed by ANC students:

  • 8 out of 10 internships result in a full time job offer
  • Earning both academic credit and a salary
  • Cultivating adaptability and creativity in a dynamic world
  • Refining their skills
  • To strengthen their resumes and make a career network for themselves, which would come in handy in future
  • Evaluate specific companies or specific careers prior to committing to full-time employment—a "try before you buy" type experience
  • Unpaid internships are less likely to help grads-to-be get a job; on the other hand, paid internships guarantee students a career upon graduation
  • The opportunity to secure full time employment in the same organization upon graduation. (They are also given opportunities within these companies for faster advancement and growth)

Employer Perspectives

“We have observed that students gain transferable skills essential for employment through internships. We all want suitable manpower with hands-on experience and employable skills, such as communication, adaptability, positive attitude, leadership, willingness to learn, integrity, teamwork, etc. to facilitate the growth of our organizations. I appreciate ANC's efforts to work in close partnership with the industry to combine academics with internships. We are more than happy to welcome ANC undergrads and postgrads as interns, as it is most definitely a win-win situation."

Shantha Kurumbalapitiya,
Chief Operating Officer
Serendib Leisure Management Limited

ANC GPSI Partners

Global Cross Exposure Program

Conducted in collaboration with the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, this program ensures that students have the opportunity to engage in studies with a global focus as students gain the insight into business practices/ how things work in some of the most exciting locations in the world, Dubai, China, Singapore, Malaysia to name but a few. The participants have described this as one of the most valuable learning experiences of their years at ANC.

“…To see the luxurious side of food and beverage and resort hospitality that we seldom get to experience in Sri Lanka was an important part of this experience for me. We also got to visit the main headquarters of the Dubai Expo 2020 and had the privilege of getting the inside scoop of structures and plans being made for the big event. The highlight of our trip was the visit to Burj Al Arab, the world’s only seven star hotel! Burj was the epitome of luxury hospitality… Our trip was about creating and enhancing our skills as well. Professional development training sessions were conducted at the Emirates Academy. The workshop by Miss Julie Jackson on Corporate Communication and Customer Service was extremely beneficial for any university student… Mr. David Butterton followed this with a Leadership session on recognizing failures and building on them, and the psychological thinking patterns of leaders.”

Maeesha Asif
Northwood- Hospitality Major

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