ANC Education Green Card Lottery Program

Green card lottery for study abroad

25 Million prize

Celebrating the 20 years of providing excellent higher education in Sri Lanka, this year ANC Education is launching its newest platform to support 200 lucky Sri Lankan students by providing a total of LKR 25 Million prize value to study in Business, IT and psychology programs from the University of West London, Northwood University and Northern Arizona University and MBA programs from the University of West London Students with pending local and London O/L exams, students who have completed O/Ls, those with pending local and London A/S and A/L examinations, and students post A/S and A/L examinations are eligible to apply for the Green Card Lottery Scheme. Apart from that parents too can apply on behalf of their children.

How does it work?

The application process is convenient and hassle-free. As such, applicants are required to submit the completed Lottery application form which is available on all ANC social media platforms and campuses located in Colpety, Maya Avenue and Kandy.


Rewarded a fee concession of Rs. 25,000

All identified lottery winners will be rewarded a fee concession of Rs. 25,000.00 Winners will be selected by an external selection committee of educationists and business community personnel to ensure transparency in the selection process. A computer-based selection method is in place and winners would be selected targeting the main two intakes in September and January per year.


REGISTER BEFORE 31st of August 2022