30 ANC Students Successfully Transferred to US & Canadian Universities for Fall 2021

30 ANC Students Successfully Transferred to US & Canadian Universities for Fall 2021

30 ANC Students Successfully Transferred to US & Canadian Universities for Fall 2021

30 happy students achieved their dreams this year – flying across the continent to continue their higher studies in U.S and Canada.  Despite all odds, these youngsters were determined to make their dreams come true. It was a dream envisioned as far back as 2019 when they first enrolled at ANC in the 2+2 U.S & Canada University Transfer program right after their O/Levels & A/Levels.

In the words of Ms. Manouri Malalage, Head of US & Canada Transfer Unit–

“30 babies flew off ‘my nest’ today

I didn’t even get to hug them good bye this time.

Amidst two lockdowns, health concerns, embassy closures, vaccinations, dollar restrictions and all sorts of challenges, these kids had it real tough but they rose to the challenge like heroes.

They started a new chapter in their lives this week. I am very proud of them. I hope they learnt life through this pandemic, and I am sure they will brave it all and bring honor to their country, families and to themselves!”

It was a true lesson of perseverance, persistence and conviction in the part of our hero students and ANC team to make their dreams come true.

Since 2002 the 2+2 US & Canada University transfer program has provided over 3000 students the opportunity to transfer to top universities in US & Canada. These 30 students transferred to some of the top universities that include University of Arizona, State University of New York at Buffalo, Georgia State University, North Texas University, University of Toledo, Northern Arizona University, York University, Thompson River University, Acadia University, Algoma University, Brock University, Wichita State University, Cedarville University, St. Mary’s University, Memorial University and many more. They will be graduating from their chosen universities in year 2024.

ANC students that flew to US & Canada in 2021 had this to say:

Sulakshan Fernando from Acadia University in Canada:

“A lot of students have a dream to come to a foreign country for studies. I was someone who didn’t have hope to ever come to Canada because of my Visa refusal to Canada when I applied after my A/levels. However, after joining ANC things fell into place for me. ANC taught me that if you do your studies well, get your grades and credit hours, with the support and guidance of ANC team no matter what, you will be on the right track to achieve your dreams.

The University transfer process was a smooth one because we planned according to the deadlines. ANC ensured I got full admission into Acadia University in Canada even though my IELTS results was submitted later, I still received an unconditional offer letter from the university.

Now it has been almost 1 month living in Nova Scotia, Canada. The university is surrounded by valleys and beaches and its breath taking. All my classes are fully in person classes and I am having the best time. I am so Thankful to ANC and my parents for making my dream to study in Canada a reality.”

Hirundith Costa from St. Mary’s University in Canada

“Things turned out really well and it’s a big dream come true for me. Myself and my friend are the first two students from ANC to transfer to St. Mary’s University in Canada. I was able to transfer 57 credits out of 60 credits even though the university is not affiliated with ANC. Its’ a big university, with a well-recognized business program where I am majoring in finance. At age 18 years it feels great to be a 3rd year student when other students my age are still in their first year of University.

Joining ANC right after my O/Levels with pending results was the best decision I took in my life. The ANC 2+2 Canadian University Transfer program is an excellent pathway to become a graduate at a young age.

Going to study in a foreign country is a big decision. My advice is don’t think too much about which city you want to go to, many people want to go to Toronto, but every city in Canada is equally great. My university is located in Halifax, Canada and it is an amazing place -Think about your future goals and plans that you wish to achieve.”

In the words of Ms. Mahika Chandrasena the parent of ANC Student Daniel Bartholomeusz:

Thank you to ANC University Transfer team for all your guidance during the process and special thanks to Manouri. You were an extremely valuable counselor to our son and equally important to us, in helping to navigate these first-time college parents through the journey or rather a wonderful chapter in the life of our son Daniel. Wise, calm, consistent, always available, enthusiastic, while being pragmatic and successful are accurate words to describe our experience with Manouri. We could not be more appreciative of a very professional and personally enjoyable experience.

We saw a great sense of confidence and enthusiasm when Daniel started his year at ANC. Entrusting his university search to the wonderful year at ANC, he definitely rose to the occasion and worked diligently for all his courses and found his right university fit, all thanks to your expert lecturers and their mentoring. Daniel transitioned extremely well into Cedarville University in Ohio, U.S.A – the perfect mix of traditional, individualized and self-directed curriculum in a perfect location! Thank you and stay blessed ANC!” – Mahika and Nigel – Daniel Bartholomeusz’ parents. Class of 2020

 ANC Education takes immense pride in the achievements of our students. We wish our Fall 2021 transfer students the best in achieving their education, personal and professional goals.

ANC Education has always been on track in fulfilling the educational aspirations of our students. Even during the on-going pandemic our students’ education and career goals continued to become a reality.

Students can apply for the October 2021 intake at ANC and transfer to US or Canada in 2022/2023.

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