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Earn your business degree at ANC Education from Northwood University,
one of the top outstanding specialized business schools in the USA.

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Why ANC?

For well over 14 years, ANC has proven its commitment to giving Sri Lankan students access to top-class international higher education, enabling students to realize their dreams…

Second to None

Serving thousands of students, over many years, to obtain internationally recognized degrees from some of the best institutions in the world, ANC Education is now known to be the largest and leading transnational education conglomerate in Sri Lanka.

Access to World-Class Education here in Sri Lanka

Through our seven different education providers in Sri Lanka, we currently deliver world-class academic programs to over 6000 students.

Quality Education for an affordable price

ANC has built numerous international partnerships and created a multitude of pathways through our degree completion program in Sri Lanka, direct student placement services and transfer programs to open doors for young Sri Lankan school leavers to access international higher education for an affordable price.

Study Opportunities in the World’s Most Popular Education Destinations

With ANC direct placements and transfer options, you can choose from a wide range of degrees in popular education destinations in the USA, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, or Germany. Upon completion of the ANC foundation program, students also can find more attractive transfer options to top class universities in Australia, Malesia and England. Through PATHE, we also offer direct placements to top medical collages in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Belarus and in India – helping students to realize their dream of becoming a medical doctor.

Find Northwood Advantages

Northwood University is recognized as a "Best Value Business School" in the USA with Excellent Return On Investment (ROI)

Specialized Business School

Northwood University is one of America's leading specialized business universities, offering world-class business degree programs and career growth opportunities to aspiring managers and executives in the US, for over 50 years. At ANC, you can complete your entire NU business degree in Sri Lanka.

Global Outlook

With a residential campus in Michigan, 29 Extension Centers in the USA and International Program Centers throughout Asia and Europe, Northwood is an American University with an international outlook, delivering programs to meet the demands of the increasingly globalized world.

Strong Industry Connections

NU works with many top American and global companies in preparing their current and future generation of leaders – and boasts of a faculty with profound academic and professional qualifications as well as experience relevant to the industry.

Prepared to Succeed

Northwood's business expertise and strong working relationship with leading companies, benefit NU students with industry-relevant education, grounded in classroom theory and real-life practical experience, producing job ready-graduates well-equipped for rapid career advancements.

Accredited University

Northwood University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association, USA. Northwood business programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), an elite group of leading business universities in the USA.

Recognized Globally

NU is fully recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC), Sri Lanka as a foreign university and accepted in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia New Zealand, Europe & Middle East for employment and higher education.


Business Degrees that let you focus
on what you want to do

Northwood University Undergraduate Business Degrees

BBA International Business

Focuses on the emerging global business environment.


- International Business
- Finance
- People & Organizations
- Law
- Economics
- Strategy
- Business Environment
- Communications
- Statistics

Career Paths: Garment Industry, BPO/KPO, Tourism & Hospitality, Multinational Organizations

BBA Management Information Systems

Prepares students who want to be in future management and leadership positions in the fast growing communication and technology sector, with a set of comprehensive knowledge required for the industry.

Management Information System Modules:

- Introduction to MIS
- Computer application development
- Introduction to programming languages
- Information technology infrastructure
- Advanced office applications
- Collaboration and web programming
- Business application programming I
- Business application programming II
- Graphic and web design
- Database design and implementation
- ERP business applications – SAP
- Project management
- System analysis and design
- Special topics information systems
- Advanced information systems project

Management and General Education Module:

- International trade
- Organizational behavior
- Principles management
- Principles of marketing
- Human resources management
- Strategic planning
- Business law
- Statistics
- International management
- Speech communication
- Communication and interpersonal relationships
- Ethics

Career Paths: CIO, CTO, Director / Manager IT, Project Manager, Information Security Manager, Computer Systems Analyst, Database Administrator, ERP Developer / Consultant

BBA Management

Focuses on the broad functional disciplines of management and prepares graduates with a diverse background in general management and industry – with a strong set of ethics.


- Management
- Finance
- Communication
- Statistics
- Strategy
- International Business - Law - Economics

Career Paths: Entrepreneurship, Family Business, Operations Management, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Financial Management

BBA Entrepreneurship

Helps you build integrated entrepreneurial thinking, cutting edge leadership, creativity, innovation, strategy development, business models and business plans.

Career Paths: Company Founders, Corporate Innovators, Managing Existing/Family Businesses, Corporate Entrepreneurship

BBA Marketing

Focuses on understanding market conditions, determining sales potential, conducting meaningful research, buying behavior and develop marketing plans.

Career Paths: Brand/Product/Marketing Manager, Business Development Director, Director of Strategy & Planning, General Manager, Market Research Specialist, Public Relations Specialist

BBA Finance

Helps students understand how markets function in specific economic conditions, how financial institutions raise capital, how to apply strong analytical, problem-solving, teamwork, and technology skills.

Career Paths: Corporate Environments, Financial Accounting, Analysis, Management, Reporting and Investments, Public Sector Accounting, Risk Management Valuation.

BBA Hospitality Management

Produces highly talented hospitality/ tourism graduates with exceptional communication skills. Critical thinking, interpersonal skills, managerial talents and a winning attitude to meet the industry demands.


- Introduction to hospitality management

Management Modules:

- Principles of management
- Organizational behavior
- Practice of management and leadership
- Revenue and yield management
- Principles of marketing
- Strategic planning

Economic Modules:

- Principles of microeconomics
- Principles of macroeconomics
- Economics of public policies
- Comparative economic systems

Business Communication Law and Ethics Module:

- Communication and interpersonal relations
- Ethics
- Business law

Career Paths: Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Industry

Dual Major Options

You can undertake two different NU degree programs simultaneously as your subject majors - and expand your career options. This option allows students to complete two degrees in a much shorter time than doing two degrees one after the other.

Dual Majors Offered: BBA International Business, BBA Management, BBA Hospitality Management

Minor Options

Apart from the student’s selected Major, he/she has the leisure to declare a Subject Minor, which is a university student's secondary academic discipline during their undergraduate studies.

Minors Offered: International Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance

BBA Year of Specialization Program (Final Year in USA)

Allows you to select subject specializations that are not offered in Sri Lanka and complete your final year at Northwood University, Michigan. You can study the first three years of your degree in Sri Lanka for USD 3,300 per year, and the year of specialization in the USA for USD30,000 – which includes accommodation, logistics, food, insurance etc. to live and study in the USA during the final year.


- 20 hours per week on campus work in the USA during studies
- 1-year work placement in the USA upon graduation

Year of Specialization Exclusive Degree Majors: BBA Fashion Marketing & Management, BBA Economics, BBA Advertising and Marketing, BBA Automotive Marketing & Management, BBA Entertainment Sports Promotion Management, BBA Innovation Marketing, BBA Franchising Management, BBA Sustainability Management, BBA Operations & Supply Chain Management

ANC Faculty

All the faculty members of ANC hold a minimum of master’s level degree qualifications in the relevant field, with international exposure and industry connections. Northwood University regularly sends its faculty to audit the quality and standards of the academic delivery of the programs at ANC – which makes the quality of the local faculty same as the faculty of Northwood University in the USA.


ANC Cooperative Education Program

Test-Drive Your Future Career with ANC Co-op Education Program!

ANC’s revolutionary Cooperative Education Program helps you gain paid work placements and internships
with top Sri Lankan and multinational corporations while studying your degree.

First Time in Sri Lanka

ANC has introduced the Sri Lanka’s first ever most expansive cooperative education program, helping students gain work experience from 4 to 12 months to enhance their résumé.

How it Works

In your final year of study, you’ll be eligible to secure paid work placements or internships through the Co-op Program where you can work during the day from 8 AM to 5PM. To facilitate this great experience, ANC will schedule lectures during weekday evenings and Saturdays. Apart from organizing career fairs and industry visits, ANC helps students by maintaining a database of available positions, providing comprehensive career counseling and matching prospective employers with students.

Benefits to Students

Combines academic study with alternating work terms, provides financial assistance, opportunity to test skills learned in the classroom, hands-on experience in their chosen field of study, competitive edge in the job market, develop employability skills, opportunity to explore career options, clarify their career goals and network with potential employers, secure long-term job opportunities with the co-op employers - and access to jobs with higher starting salary after graduation.

Benefits to Employers

Benefit from students’ new ideas, fresh perspectives, and their knowledge on latest theories from the academic world, have continuous access to an unlimited resource of diversely talented, highly motivated and skilled future professionals, ability to fill temporary human resource needs in the companies – and the opportunity to do effective screening and tap into the most qualified candidates before they join the work force.

Co-op Partners

MAS Capital   •   MAS Silueta   •   MAS Legato   •   Amana Takaful Life Ltd.   •   ShipXpress   •   Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts   •   Jaykay Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd   •   eChannelling PLC etc.   •   NWS Holdings   •   AMCHAM   •   DIMO and More

Admission for Northwood Business Degrees

You can either start your degree after your A/L or O/L. The local O/Level examination is considered as equivalent to high school diploma in the USA – therefore, Sri Lankan students can enter USA NU degree program soon after their O/Levels at the age of 16/17 to be graduated at a young age like 20 or 21.


ANC has 3 intakes for NU Degree Programs:

  • Spring semester - February, March
  • Summer semester - June, July
  • Fall semester - September, October

Academic Requirements

  • Minimum 5 “C" passes (including English) and "S" or "D" pass for Mathematics in O/L (London / Local) within 2 sittings
  • A/L students can apply for exemptions based on their A/Level results and subjects
  • Students with prior university level coursework or professional qualifications can get advanced standing entry

Financing Your Education

In collaboration with several reputed banks and financial companies, ANC has arranged Special Education Loan Schemes to help you finance your higher education to accomplish your life goals. Our partner banks enable students to pay loans in instalments with lower interest rates. ANC also facilitates students to pay their course fees in instalments with 0% interest.

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